Wa Nu Bo

Dear Wa Nu Bo, tiny Yi ethnic village in the mountains that I can’t point out on a map because I had no 3G reception to Google pin your location with by the time we veered off the road down the dirt track into the valley where you are nestled so unassumingly,

Thank you for having me. Even if it was only for a short time. I was blown away by your hospitality, kindness and firewater. Thank you for showing me a part of your spiritual world that is both deeply personal and rooted in your people’s collective identity. Thank you for reminding me that my personal beliefs and ethical hangups must always be tempered with empathy and understanding for “the Other”. Your history and culture will remain a mystery to me; clumsy search-engine attempts at further “research” are only filling me with more questions than answers - and so I hope to find you again someday. And I promise this time I’ll refrain from naming your livestock “Fred, Georgie and Will”.
This is for you: http://flintmag.com/lunanewyear/
Happy Chinese New Year.


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